•   All sessions are shot on location with natural light.  It is important to arrive to your session on time.  Timing is everything, so I want to ensure that our time spent together is used effectively.  The reason why I cannot stress this enough is because the times that I suggest to you are the best quality light for your photos.  Early morning hours and times prior sunset are ideal for complimentary and flattering lighting.  If you would prefer your session to be sometime in the afternoon, I will certainly make accommodations. I just want you to be aware that the sun will be directly above us creating harsh shadows under the eyes which is not really flattering.  

  •   Photos are provided via private, online gallery.  You will have the opportunity to print and share as many photos as you like.  The photos you will receive from your session are chosen at my artistic discretion.  This will help expedite the post- production process to ensure that you receive your photos promptly.
  •    Pricing is non-negotiable and is subject to change without notice.  Session pricing will be locked in with the established rate at the time of booking.  Due to the nature of the product no refunds will be given.  Travel fees may apply.
  •    For pricing/ inquiries/ bookings, please feel free to contact me at aimee@simplyaim.com

Your Session

  •    What should I wear?
Anything timeless would be best.  I suggest lighter, neutral tone clothing and to avoid bold patterns and logos.  I also encourage you to bring props and/or jewelry (umbrellas, scarves, balloons, etc).  Feel free to bring an extra outfit as well!

  •   What location would work best?
Since we are so fortunate to live in the city of San Diego, we can easily check out the beautiful parks or head towards the shore.  I'm open to exploring and shooting at locations that I haven't been to before.  Feel free to share your suggestions with me.  Once I get an idea of the type of look you want for your photos, I can then suggest a few locations that will be complimentary.  Let's create YOUR session together!
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